Thursday, March 21, 2013

my dream home

When most people think of their dream home, they might have a vision of a huge house with everything they ever wanted. But my dream home is this little beauty that we have lived in for 1.5 years, poured so much time into repainting, landscaping, putting down new floors, upgrading fixtures, and making beyond adorable....and sold earlier this week. I always knew that I loved this house, but I didn't realize how much I really would miss it until we accepted an offer and scheduled the movers to come the following week to pack us up. 

Last week we learned that Ben was offered a fantastic new job at Amazon, so we are moving our little family to Seattle in just a few weeks. Our little dream house sold in just two days, and I already get sad just thinking about leaving. This is where Grayden learned to walk and discovered his undying love of the basement, where our little closet serves as a second bedroom for Bronwyn so she can be close to me at night, where we spent a wonderful summer letting Grayden play in a bucket of water, and where Grayden learned very quickly that rap music meant a car was driving by (thanks to our very up and coming neighborhood). 

So here is one last house tour, all spruced up and ready to sell. 

 Living room

 Fireplace with the original inglenook

 Side entry, which leads into the dining room
 This door is original to the house.
 View from the dining room to the front door.
 Dining room
This little casement window is one of five that is original to the house.
 Our little kitchen with it's beautiful windows over the sink.
 Breakfast nook

The landing with two original casement windows and enough room for Grayden's play kitchen and my rocking chair where I nurse at night.
 Master bedroom where our old deck moonlights as our new headboard.
 You like my beautiful curtains? Goodwill outlet find. 
 Master bathroom

 Children's bedroom, complete with two cribs and a disco ball.

 Main bathroom

 This banister is original to the house.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

house tour

I've received lots of requests for pictures of my house, but I never seem to have it all cleaned at once so pictures never happen. I finally just gave up on perfect pictures and instead snapped a bunch of photos with my camera in about three minutes.

Here goes...

Our living room with an original inglenook. 

gallery wall in our living room

our yellow front door on the left and fireplace on the right

living room from the other side

close-up of the inglenook

side entry door which leads into the dining room

dining room with a couch on one side

and our table and shelves

the fun light fixture that we made

we have a galley kitchen, so this is the best view

stairs, which we poured our sweat and sometimes blood into making them not squeak, getting rid of all the cracks, sanding then sanding again, caulking, priming, and then painting two shades of grey

the landing with grayden's play kitchen and two beautiful casement windows, which are original to the house

from the landing going into the kid room 

Bronwyn's crib

Grayden's crib

changing table

master bedroom with the bed frame my father made and the headboard we made out of our old deck 

master bathroom

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bronwyn talking

Bronwyn has just started to talk and make noise. If you talk back, she will keep the conversation up for a few minutes.

Bronwyn in my blessing dress

My grandmother (the only grandparent who is still alive) made this little dress for my blessing. She crocheted the entire dress and sewed a matching slip to go under the dress. Bronwyn has worn it a few times to church, and she looks adorable.