Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Wedding

I couldn't have asked for a better wedding or a more memorable day! It was so wonderful to have our families there to be part of this very special day. And thanks to everyone who made this possible (my mom who catered the reception, my sister Diedra who made the amazing wedding cake, my brother-in-law Matt who took our pictures, and Jocelyn and Arianne who stole food for me!). An upclose shot of the wedding dress that I made. I think the sash and the blue train are my favorite parts. Ben showing off the cufflinks that I made for him.
Outside on the Plummer House grounds.

Ben and I at the front door of the Plummer House.

Ben and I. My sisters Diedra, Rixa and Jocelyn, me, Brandi (Ben's sister) and my two best friends from DC, Jocelyn and Arianne.
The sisters striking a pose! I made all the skirts out of saris from India.
Ben and his four brothers, all looking pretty handsome. I don't think you can tell from this photo, but they all have that "Dawson" look. Ben will even show you on demand.
Ben's family.
Diedra and Peter during the brunch. I must admit, Jocelyn has very well behaved children.
Ben and I as we take off for the temple. Note, I am driving because since this is my turf it made the most sense to have me drive in Minnesota. Plus, the car was brand new (7 miles) so it wasn't like I was complaining.
Everyone in front of the St. Paul Minneapolis Temple. Please note that Peter is running around on the walls in the background (cough, what was that comment about well behaved children?).
Ben and I at the St Paul Temple after we were sealed. The weather was absolutly gorgeous! I couldn't asked for a more perfect day.