Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bronwyn talking

Bronwyn has just started to talk and make noise. If you talk back, she will keep the conversation up for a few minutes.

Bronwyn in my blessing dress

My grandmother (the only grandparent who is still alive) made this little dress for my blessing. She crocheted the entire dress and sewed a matching slip to go under the dress. Bronwyn has worn it a few times to church, and she looks adorable.

Grayden being silly

The other night Grayden spent about two hours being incredibly silly. He gets pretty hyper, very wiggly, and loves to giggle. Here he is playing with the cedar blocks that my dad made for my sister's kids (which they no longer need, so we have them).

 Here is Grayden using Ben as a jungle-gym.

Here is Grayden enjoying some icecream.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday, November 09, 2012

Bronwyn is all smiles

This girl smiles more than in any baby I've seen! She usually stops nursing not when I take her off, but because she is smiling so much she no longer wants to latch on.

You can tell when she is really happy, because she gives you little coughs, kind of like she is trying to laugh. Oh, and she loves to stick out her tongue.


Grayden has been picking up words like crazy over the last 2-3 weeks. His first words were daddy, uh-oh, and ice. Man, he loves ice. 

After a week or two of practicing those words, he is starting to pick up words that we say. One week he came back from nursery and said Jesus. Then he started asking for apples. 

Grayden loves diggers

Grayden loves almost anything with wheels (skateboards, cars, scooters, strollers, shopping carts), but he especially loves diggers. Yesterday at the Children's Museum he got to climb in a real one, and boy was he happy! 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

two weeks old

Bronwyn has changed so much already, it kills me. 

I already miss her newborn grunts.

exploring the gardens

We had a beautiful (and warm!) fall in Indiana, and here are some pictures to prove it. We spent a few hours at the IMA gardens running down paths and going to see the fish (which Grayden loves). Grayden has practically zero fear of leaving me, and you can see him get further away in some photos as he runs off. But I love how adventurous he is!

trick or treat

We took Grayden and Bronwyn trick or treating in Crawfordsville with their cousins. After a week of playing with his costume, Grayden finally got to wear it outside. It was a bit chilly, but Grayden was pretty warm in his little bear snowsuit. 

I thought it he would have a hard time walking in his costume, but he did great. He loved going up to people's doors to get his candy. He signed a lot of thank yous and also a few mores after people gave him a piece of candy. 

Grayden loves his cousins

I spent a few days with my sister Jocelyn, and Grayden couldn't have been happier to spend some time with his older cousins. He got lots of attention and some good lessons from Viola in how to be silly. Please note that in the second video is copies her every move. I love it!

Grayden outplayed his other cousins (they had all left the attic when I took this video), so they aren't in this video. Grayden just can't get enough of the attic. He usually runs right up to the attic when we get to my sister's house. 

Oh, and Grayden loves to help me cook. We were making pizza, so we put an apron on Grayden and he demanded that he roll out the dough...I mean eat it. 


Bronwyn loves her bumbo

Bronwyn loves to wiggle

Bronwyn loves to roll over