Thursday, February 10, 2011

running out of projects

The cuteness has continued unabated for the past week, but as my husband pointed out last night, I am running out of projects. I used the last of my interfacing yesterday to make four pairs of adorable baby girl shoes for a friend (start getting super excited Jocelyn!) as well as a onesie with a little tie appliqued on.

I finally got to use the last bits of my favorite fabrics on these shes, which makes me so happy!

I decided to use the blue material for the soul, since it was just too cute. I love the Celtic design.

The seer sucker never ceases to be adorable. I used a very soft leather as the soul, which my sewing machine did not appreciate, but I made it work. (Hint: if your sewing machine is like mine and refusing to sew on some fabrics - like soft suede - then just put a piece of waxed paper on top, and voila! The sewing machine will sew over it like butter.)

Yesterday I also made a crib sheet out of the seer sucker material. A good friend of mine was complaining about how she had to go back to Target to buy an additional crib sheet, since her daughter is now sleeping in a toddler bed and she doesn't have any extra sheets. I knew she had extra fabric in her house, so I suggested we make crib sheets. So I pulled out my seer sucker and we sewed sheets in the afternoon while trying to keep her kids out of the pins and spools of thread. 

This means that I have completed my list of fun projects for the baby (crib sheet, car seat cover, fabric shoes, quilt, small quilt for the bassinet, pillow cover for the nursery). Any suggestions for new projects?

Saturday, February 05, 2011

reversible baby shoes


Due to the fact that I tend to move every 6-9 months, I have been working on using up fabric that I already own. This lead to the utterly adorable banner quilt that I made for the baby (I was literally sitting around one day wondering how to use these little scraps of leftover cotton) and my latest project, reversible baby shoes.

I've always loved soft shoes for babies and realized that lots of my leftover fabric scraps would be perfect for this project. A friend of mine blogged about sewing these a few months ago, so I thought I would give it a try.

The hardest part was trying to find the most masculine fabrics in my stash, since most were dubbed too girly by my husband (and I agree). The first two pairs are for 0-3 months, and I made the hounds tooth with a black leather sole. And in case you can't tell from the photo, the green fabric is John Deer fabric. The next two pairs are 3-6 months out of a blue batik and then a red stripe lined with linen. The last pair I made are 6-9 months out of hounds tooth again because I couldn't resist. I am not that confident that the sizing will be accurate, so we shall see if they actually fit (they seem a little small to me).